Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gasing in the popular especially Semenanjung in Kelantan. Adult whose develop game art this, over as the child like with Gasing Malay and Chinese, because small size and have been fooled easily. Type of Gasing" Top Kinds Top type that there were in Malaysia including "Gasing Jantung", "Gasing Piring" or "Leper", "Gasing Kelamar", "Gasing Telur", "Gasing Berembang", "Gasing Malay", "Gasing Chinese", "Gasing Buku Benang" and "Gasing Pinang".

Making Gasing

Fittest wood from spesis merbau, as merbau horn, merbau darah, merbau johol and merbau keradah, it it easy dilarik but did not easy chip. Apart from that wood leban gore, lemon, mangrove, koran, sepan, penaga, various trees also be the choice. Readily available type of wood as mangosteen, guava, sapodilla or tamarind often used to make top. Stated wood tathe using equipment lathe, follow gasing size and form which has been prescribed. Before work turning start axis iron ducking into stated wood that balance from the aspect round it can do when turning. After gasing completed then final works make, as twist tin to wing top just now that gained weight more gasing that to as heavy as five kilograms and also do not easy chip. To increase beautiful his appearance look then buffalo horn partner division top head and shone with varnish. This there were to gasing leper or to gasing uri only.

How to Playing Gasing

Gasing am being played with two means, such as gasing pangkah or gasing uri.Gasing pangkah, played with cast him so knock opponent gasing. Gasing pangkah am being compared to test his resilience turn. Gasing pinang played by children. Young areca nut peel coir and skin it, cutting top and lower part it, then poke bamboo rod through his pulp become axis and the top holder. Gasing this can knock against . To turn Gasing, rope as thick as 1.75 cm and by 3 to 5 metre to entwined his crest to cover the entire top surface. Then top that am being hurled upon the earth and simultaneously with that rope.